About The Show

In May 2022, I "crashed" a closed, invite only CEO Roundtable meeting to discuss sustainability in the vacation rental industry. I knew it was an important topic. Afterwards, after much discussion and little progress by the group of attendees, and since I was already doing a podcast, I decided to create another podcast and to provide a 'platform' to help share the word about this topic.

I, too, am learning as I go about becoming greener. But I do know there is a huge niche market waiting to be tapped into. Combine earning more revenue and cleaning the planet at the same time, it's a no-brainer and a win-win!

So why not subscribe and learn a little more each week. Small steps, one by one, along the Green Path.

The Host

Who am I? Well, my name is Deborah Labi and I have my fingers in many pies, sharing my 16 years of industry experience, plus my obsessive creativity, in these:

- The Guest Innspector

- The Techsplained Series

- The Book Direct Show

- The Advocacy Appeal - coming soon

- and a few other industry and non industry projects.

Find them all (well most of them! Who's got time to update a website when you keep creating?!) at deborahlabi.com.

Thanks for popping in and I do hope you subscribe and join us on the journey along The Green Path.