The Green Path Podcast and... Noelia Novella, Doinn

The Green Path Podcast and... Noelia Novella, Doinn

Noelia shares with us what they're doing about social sustainability, and the risk we face if we ignoring it. No cleaners = no bookings = no industry.

To learn more about human trafficking and for the link for the online course, head to

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Human trafficking is the most invisible crime in the world. There are 40 million victims worldwide and now with the current situation in the Ukraine, this number will increase significantly. As a property manager you could unknowingly be housing trafficked people.
There are some things you can do: security cameras, guest verification and complete the free course at (select Florida as your state) and learn what to look out for.
1. Awareness
2. Deterrents
3. Report something you think is odd. Better safe than sorry.
4. Spread the word.
Lets make sure this industry does not help these traffickers. And make sure you report anything suspicious. FAVR webinars and courses can be found at

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